Not to be Missed – The Blues Brothers Perform “SOCAP Man” at the Chicago Symposium

Ten years ago, during a previous SOCAP conference, Wade Houser had an idea  “Well everyone, or almost everyone thinks of the Blues Brothers along with baseball, football and pizza when you think of Chicago. So, I thought how fun it would be if Andy Begnoché  and I would rewrite the famous song ‘Soul Man’ to ‘SOCAP Man’.”

Wade’s idea became a reality at the Spring SOCAP Symposium.  Recruiting Shelley Elkins to write the lyrics, Andy and Wade performed “SOCAP Man” to a standing and clapping audience on the Monday morning of the conference, proving once again that SOCAP is about much more than learning and networking.  It’s also a whole lot of fun.

Also not to be missed is Andy’s blog How to Create Loyal Raving Fans & Backstage Account of a Song Parody with some great tips on building customer loyalty and more about how SOCAP Man went from an idea to a performance that ignited the SOCAP Symposium.

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